Wednesday, April 23, 2014

County considering choices for new heating unit

With the Madison County Government Center in requirement of a new heating and air conditioning system, county officials are looking at numerous financing choices.

Earlier this year, the air conditioning unit at the government center, built in 1973, quit working. As a result, the county has rented a system at a regular monthly expense of $11,000 and $30,900 to install.

The cost to repair the air conditioning system at the Madison County Government Center has actually been approximated at $180,000. That doesn’t include the replacement of the boiler.

The Madison County commissioners on Tuesday set a quote date of June 7 for the brand-new system.

Expert Terry Burnworth of Pyramid Architecture/Engineering supplied a timeline for the county to consider a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract (GESC) for the purchase of the new heating and cooling devices.

Burnworth said if the commissioners accept a bid to buy and install the equipment it will need spending available cash.

He stated the GESC option has the professional pay for and install the system and the expense be paid back over 10 years by cost savings from energy usage.

Burnworth said an insurance coverage is acquired by the vendor to cover the cost if the savings from less use of energy is not realized.

Schools have actually been using the program for years, he stated. The vendors have to prove the energy cost savings will pay for the brand-new system for the courthouse.

A six-member evaluation committee will be developed, including a commissioner; 2 members of the Madison County Council; Dan Dykes, county administrator; Burnworth; and a representative from a school system familiar with the GESC program.

As proposed, demands for proposals will be gotten by the Madison County Auditor s Office on July 5, financing secured by Aug. 12 and a contract granted on Aug. 16.

Quotes under advisement

The commissioners took under advisement three bids for the 2016 paving jobs in the county.

Funds for the paving are being stemmed from the county’s wheel tax and the state-returned regional alternative earnings tax reserves.

The low quote of $2,476,255 was sent by Milestone Contractors. E&B Paving offered the next lowest quote at $2,599,899; Reith-Riley Construction bid $2,896,000.

Charles Leser, Madison County engineer, estimated the work at $2.5 million.

The commissioners took under advisement the only bid for the replacement of the concrete walkways on the west side of the Madison County Government.

M.K. Betts Engineering submitted a quote of $195,600.

Burnworth stated no quotes were gotten to change the brickwork and steel railings on the westside steps.

The commissioners will seek a number of price quotes from chosen contractors for the work in the future.

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