A journey from mommy to Birthday planner with Spotlight

The only thing my daughter starts buttering me and beg of me, the whole year, is her birthday. She always wants her birthday to be extraordinary and a lasting impression on her friends. But to make this, I have to work harder to meet her expectancy. This time she asked me to throw a Frozen themed birthday party. For this, I had a meeting with different party planners to make such an event successful but I had a little doubt. Well, that was pretty obvious it was my baby’s 4th birthday and I cannot take any chance. Thankfully with Spotlight promo code, I organized the whole event and everyone in the party loved it and I could see that great smile on my Evie’s face.


When kid desires something really exciting and out of the box, moms put their all brains and heart to make it happen. In the beginning, I asked my love, Evie to opt some other theme and I gave her many options. But it was the Frozen theme coming out of her mouth every time. This was an excitement for me too that why she has been crazy about this theme so much!

And the only answer she gave me is that I am the Frozen of the world and will rescue humanity on this earth with my power. It made me felt how pure heart could a child have. They just live with their pure thoughts. Then I decided that this will be the only subject which could appease my daughter, so let’s just do it.

After planning out every corner of the party, the difficult part was the execution. Surfing on I found Spotlight Party section. I was so astounded to see that from party essentials to costume and from cake baking to decoration, they have all summed up in one. They have hats, masks, costumes, and inspirational ideas on how to complete your look.

Everyone just loved the party and enjoyed the theme at its peak. “This is complete birthday party mummy, I loved you a lot.” These words from my girl are like the whole world to me. And she realized me that I can be creative enough to organize a grand birthday event.

In this complete scenario Spotlight was my best partner. It wasn’t possible without this store. After the party, I checked their other sections as well and you know what it is your next home actually. It has all home supplies with beautiful designs.

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